PLAn aims to understand and act on the problem of marine litter along the coasts of Andalusia by studying its origin, distribution, and potential impacts, both environmentally and socially.

To carry out the project, two major research components are considered, one scientific and the other social, with strong elements of dissemination, environmental education and citizen science.

The scientific study is carried out through data analysis of marine litter in the main coastal reservoirs: beaches, surface water, water column, sediments, shallow and deep bottoms and indicator organisms. The information generated feeds the second component of the research that aims to identify the origin of debris considering socioeconomic activities, waste management and cultural aspects in Andalusia, with a particular focus on preventive management.

The objectives of this project and its multidisciplinary nature, together with the suitability of the research group and the strong network of collaborators, provide a unique and much-needed opportunity to contribute to the great challenges of Andalusian society.

FUNDED BY The 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Programme and by the Regional Government of Andalusia