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Aerial drone image of a litter windrow in Bay of Biscay, Spain. Windrow width: 1-2 metres. © Rivages Pro Tech, Suez Eau France.

Neuston net sampling a litter windrow in northern Adriatic Sea, Italy. © GIUSEPPE SUARIA & ANDRÉS CÓZAR.

A vessel cleaning floating litter accumulated along a windrow in Bay of Biscay. © Rivages Pro Tech, Suez Eau France.

Ghost net and sky, Atlantic Ocean. © ANDRÉS CÓZAR,

Underwater view of a drifting bottle and its reflection on the surface. © ANDRÉS CÓ

Angry Beast © ANDRÉS CÓZAR,

Riverine litter, Portugal ©ANDRÉS CÓZAR,

Fragment of expanded polyurethane foam collected from the surface waters of the South Pacific Ocean during Malaspina 2010 Circunnavigation. The 3-cm fragment is colonized by tentacled terebelid worms and shelled gastropods. COVER of PNAS journal © JOAN COSTA & ANDRÉS CÓZAR.

Microplastics found in Arctic waters © ELISA MARTI & ANDRES CÓZAR,

Seal on an iceberg in front of Tara research vessel © ANNA DENIAUD, Tara Expeditions Foundation.

The Tara research vessel sails through ice chunks in the Arctic Ocean. Credit: © FRANCOIS AURAT, Tara Expeditions Foundation.

Inventorying litter cleared from Camposoto beach, Spain © ANDRES COZAR,

Microplastics found in the South Atlantic Subtropical Gyre © BARBARA

Images of different categories of microplastics found in the Arctic Ocean in 2013. Granules are grouped together with industrial raw pellets, although the former are usually smaller than pellets. ELISA MARTI & ANDRES CÓ