Carlos García

Ecology Professor (2010 University of Cádiz). PhD Biological Sciences (University of Málaga, 1991) with a thesis on limnology and plankton dynamics in a saline temporary lake that included a community analysis based on a size spectrum approach. His main research has been centered in planktonic community responses to physical forcing since then. From 1991, he started to teach Marine Ecology at the Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences in the University of Cadiz, making since then a stronger emphasis on marine pelagic communities. He has been chief scientist of several oceanographical cruises studying the dynamics of Gibraltar Strait and has participated in many other cruises, including two Antarctic projects. Responsible (2005-2011) of the Research Group “Structure and Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems” in the University of Cádiz. Supervisor of 6 PhD Theses, 3 of them centered in physical-biological coupling in the Strait of Gibraltar, 2 more studying the biological oceanography of the Gulf of Cadiz and the Antarctic region from the Antarctic Peninsula to Drake Passage and another studying limnology and plankton dynamics in the Iberá Wetland system (Argentina). He is currently interested in the improvement of marine particles and organisms monitoring in the microseston size range, the development of quantification of metabolic processes based on the Metabolic Theory of Ecology and the role of microplastics in the functioning of natural aquatic communities.