Sandra Manzano

Sandra graduated from a double degree in marine sciences and environmental sciences at the University of Cadiz (Spain) in 2018. Her main cause is the study of the marine environment, with the objective of solving the problems originated by climate change and sea pollution. She is currently hired by the University of Cádiz as technical support staff as well as research, development and innovation staff for the national youth guarantee system.
Her first contact with marine studies was focused in submarine mud volcano sediments and its interactions with the aquatic environment. This project was coordinated between the University of Cádiz (UCA), the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) and the Marine Science Institute of Andalusia (ICMAN-CSIC). Subsequently, she participated in a project led by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (ICMAN-CSIC) in collaboration with the University of Cádiz (UCA) with the aim of studying the effect of pollutants in the Mar Menor (Murcia, Spain), derived from the nearby intensive farming activity.
Currently, she is specializing in sampling the marine environment and in processing samples of macro and micro-plastics. At the moment, she is actively collaborating in several projects: which mainly study the evaluation of plastic depositions from the rivers into the marine environment, and the analysis of the stomach contents in different species (which include great pelagic fish, sea turtles and sea mammals), with the objective of analyzing the plastic remains found inside them. Participating in these projects are the University of Cádiz (UCA), the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the IFAPA “El Toruño” center (Junta de Andalucía), among others.