Carmen Morales Caselles


Carmen is a Research Scientist at the University of Cadiz where she is working on understanding the inputs, distribution and fate of micro and macroplastics in the Global Ocean. Her personal and professional challenge is the protection of the marine environment. Her passion led her to study Marine Sciences in Cádiz (Spain) to continue with a doctorate specialized in marine pollution and ecotoxicology that allowed her to live in Italy, the United Kingdom and Portugal. She spent several years in Paris and Uruguay working as a consultant at UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, where she was closely involved in the coordination of an Integrated Coastal Area Management project on indicators in Latin America and other UN initiatives. Afterwards, she spent several years in Canada, where she worked implementing the PollutionTracker Project, a monitoring program in the West Coast of Canada to assess the presence of contaminants in sediment and their effects on marine organisms.